(also r)
noun (plural Rs or R's)
1》 the eighteenth letter of the alphabet.
2》 denoting the next after Q in a set of items, categories, etc.
the R months the months September to April, considered to be the season for eating oysters.
the three Rs reading, writing, and arithmetic, regarded as the fundamentals of learning.
1》 rand.
2》 (in names of sports clubs) Rangers or Rovers.
3》 Réaumur (a temperature scale, now obsolete).
4》 Regina or Rex.
5》 (®) registered as a trademark.
6》 (in the US) Republican.
7》 N. Amer. (in film classification) restricted (to viewers over a certain age).
8》 (on a gear shift) reverse.
9》 (R.) River.
10》 roentgen(s).
11》 Romania (international vehicle registration).
12》 rook (in chess).
13》 Cricket (on scorecards) run(s).
1》 Chemistry an unspecified organic radical.
2》 electrical resistance.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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